So many possibilities – so little time.

What do you really want from your personal and professional life at this time?

What do you hope for and dream about?

What would you be doing now if you knew you would not fail?

When you find yourself asking these questions — maybe on your own behalf, your team’s behalf or for your company as a whole — you know that things need to change. You see a better future but just aren’t sure how to get there. Sound familiar? Here’s how to start . . .

First, don’t wait. There’s never a better time than right now to turn a wealth of possibilities into targeted opportunities for personal and professional growth, happiness and excellence. By accepting the challenge that “now is the time” you become the catalyst to create a new reality for yourself and potentially your entire team and company.

Go Further & Go Faster!

Partnering with Katherine (Kit) Prendergast, PCC, an experienced professional leadership coach & corporate trainer, takes you further and faster than you ever dreamed. Yes, it is an investment of your time, energy and finances. But if you are ready to create the success you have been dreaming about, now is the time.

Here’s our promise to you . . . you will look back one year from now and realize that you had the courage, the vision and the determination to create your own unique success – one that uniquely fulfills you in so many ways at this time in your personal and professional life.

Kit’s Coaching & Training Specialties Include:

  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Career Growth & Excellence
  • Customized Training & Coaching Packages
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence (SEI) Competencies
  • Coaching Skills (Basic & Advanced) for Leaders
  • Multigenerational Workforce Recruitment & Engagement
  • Course Instructor & Mentor for The Academies (CCMC Certification)
  • Leadership & Career Assessments Including Social & Emotional Intelligence (SEIP); Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI); 4 Lenses Temperaments; the DiSC & StrengthsFinder 2.0

Kit is the founder and owner of Career Connections of Sierra Nevada (2003), a well-established and respected professional leadership coaching and training company based in the Northern Nevada area. Kit brings you a wealth of experience and expertise as well as a wonderful spirit, tremendous energy, and a gift for inspiring you to create the professional and personal life you want at this time in your life.

What People Say About Kit.

“Kit is a fantastic Leadership Coach. She worked with our very small company and tailored her program to our needs. She was positive and had great suggestions for us as a group as well as each individual. Team and individual coaching sessions were insightful and covered a broad range of topics. I would highly recommend Kit for any professional who is looking to make themselves and their workplace more productive and successful.” Barbara Hunter, National Sales Manager, GM Red Rooster Division at Ziegler & Ames

“While entering a new chapter in my life I wanted the advice of a career coach. I searched, stumbled upon Kit and her website, careerconnectionssn.com. After reading her material I was struck by the direct no nonsense feel. You know, the one you get from a real expert? After a 30-minute call it was confirmed. Kit is the real deal. Over the months I’d get to know how insightful, intelligent and skilled she is. I’m happy to have met her, her advice is spot on and she has helped point me in the right direction. I cannot say enough good things about her!” Rob Poulton, PMP, Technical Project Manager at Clear Capital

“Kit has been an instructor for Extended Studies at the University of Nevada Reno since 2003. She has taught a number of coaching and leadership classes as well as done some corporate training for Extended Studies. Kit is an exceptional instructor who is always well prepared. She enjoys teaching and it shows on the excellent reviews she receives from her students. I highly recommend Kit!”  Shera Alberti-Annunzio, Assistant Director Professional Development & Certificate Programs at University of Nevada, Reno

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Powerful Partnerships for Powerful Results!

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