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August 2009: Off the Beaten Path

Kit’s Book Review for August, 2009

Off the Beaten Path Nevada: The Essential Guide to Extraordinary Travel, by Heidi Knapp Rinella, 6th Edition, 2007.

One of my favorite mini get-aways on a hot summer afternoon is to cruise the book stacks at Barnes & Noble. I dropped in last week, and this time I was looking for “what to do during the summer” ideas.

As a native Nevadan I always check out the Nevada section and this time I found Off the Beaten Path Nevada – a very unusual travel guide. Although my husband, Wally, and I have explored a lot of Nevada, this book describes many unique, unusual and little known destinations that even locals may not know about.

It even includes Nevada trivia and some details on our illustrious history – check out the Mafia roots in Las Vegas!

So, take a break, put up a Gone Fishin’ sign, and grab a day to go exploring — you’re guaranteed to come back with a few great stories.

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August Tip: Give Yourself Permission to Take a Break

If you can still take a longer summer vacation this year, do it. But if not, at least plan some mini-breaks for yourself and your family.

Allow yourself to step away from the concerns and pressures of work for awhile – you might even stop watching or listening to the daily news – and you will find yourself catching your breath, smiling a bit more and feeling a spring in your step. The work will be there when you get back, but you’ll have a fresh perspective, a tad more energy and a renewed commitment to the upcoming fall work pace.

Here are some mini-break ideas . . .

  • Change up your daily routine
  • Take the day off and go to Lake Tahoe
  • Go on a road trip to someplace new & different
  • Take a dip in clear blue water
  • Reconnect with old friends over a glass of wine

Even if you put up the Gone Fishin’ sign for just a few hours, make sure it’s up there solid. No work talk, no business calls – you’ve gone fishin’!We need to work smarter – much smarter.

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