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What 5 Qualities to Embrace as a Leader

How is leadership developed? Does it come about just naturally or is it a learned set of skills? Or maybe a combination? I love to work with emerging leaders as well as those who have served as leaders over time.

And this is what I have learned . . . great leaders have a wonderful capacity to visualize what “can be” rather than just focus on what “has been”. Great leaders have a gift of being able to inspire and engage others to commit themselves to meaningful work that makes a difference in people’s lives. Great leaders are committed to listening deeply to what is important to others, giving them a voice and a seat at the table to contribute their ideas, talents and strengths.

Have you ever worked with a great leader? We don’t often get that chance but when we do we don’t forget what that experience was like. It meant a lot at the time because we felt recognized, appreciated and honored for the unique value we could bring to the company, project or organization. We simply worked our heart and souls out for those great leaders.

These are five of those best qualities for you to integrate into your own leadership growth.

  1. Visualize the Bigger Mission & Purpose
  2. Inspire & Engage Others
  3. Listen & Communicate Effectively
  4. Recognize and Leverage Strengths
  5. Demonstrate an Authentic Commitment to Team/Consensus
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Leadership Resource: Harvard Business Review Magazine (HBR)

I admit it – I’m not much of a magazine reader because I love the touch and feel of a real book. And I buy books all the time with the result that I have a large professional library. But when a speaker at the recent ATD conference recommended subscribing to HBR, I decided to pick up a copy at the airport on a recent trip.

This recent edition focuses on Leadership and has a number of excellent articles. I found the one on what makes an outstanding CEO fascinating. It was not surprising to me that the top CEO rated world-wide is from Denmark – the Scandinavians have always gotten it exactly right when it comes to the power of people and talent management. So I decided to subscribe to HBR and will share with you the insights I gain each month.

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