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January Tip 2011: Set Your Intention By Letting Others Know

Put it out there. Yes, let everyone know what your intentions are for this coming year. Remember working on your vision in December – you got a clear picture in your mind of what you wanted. Your vision is the broad strokes – the big picture.

Your intentions are the concrete actions steps to make that vision a reality.

And by letting others know (shout it out!) you are making a public commitment and ensuring that you become accountable for making it all happen for yourself. My secret . . . . use a 90-day cycle to add a sense of urgency and momentum to your intentions . Here’s how to start . . .

  • Divide the 12 months of the year up into 3 month segments (90 days each)
  • Chunk up your action steps and assign them to one of the 90 day segments.
  • Clarify how each set of action steps will flow & support the next segment.
  • Identify what resources you need and how you will access those resources.
  • Finally, decide how you will be accountable at the end of each 90 day segment.

So here’s one of my intentions this year – to expand my coaching business by offering more opportunities for people to work with me in a variety of ways and costs. So in that spirit, I’m going to offer something new and different during the firs three months of this year.

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December Tip 2010: What Do You Want?

Planning Starts With a Vision

Many of us feel fragmented and pulled in too many directions during a career transition. Why? Because the core question, “What do I want at this time in my life?” hasn’t been answered. And until that question gets answered, it is easy to feel that you’re wandering in circles unable to plan past tomorrow.

Planning starts with knowing where you want to go – your vision. ÿAnd remember: your career is just one part of your whole life. So start with your ideal vision for both your professional and personal life for 2011. Be specific.

These questions will help . . .

  • Who do you want to be each day?
  • What do you want to be doing each day?
  • Where do you want to be working?
  • When do you want to work?
  • Why do you want to work? (the most critical question)
  • & How do you want to work?


Are you getting a picture in your mind? Yes, it’s an “ideal” vision but that’s where you need to start. If you start with a “less than ideal” vision, that’s all you will get. So challenge yourself and shoot for the moon – you will definitely wind up in the stars!

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November Tip 2010: Sharpen Your Image to Stay Competitive

What is “professional presence”? It’s everything about how you present yourself from day one through the duration of every business relationship you have – formal and informal. It starts with the social etiquette that your mother taught you and continues to knowing how to present yourself in multiple diverse workplace environments. It’s not easy and we make mistakes but it’s critical to advancing in our personal and professional lives.

Professional presence is like a Norwegian glacier. There are the elements that we see on the surface – how we dress, shake hands, make conversation etc., and then there is so much more underneath the surface.

Beyond the surface presentation are those soft skills of how we inspire trust, establish our credibility, express our confidence and how we connect, communicate and collaborate with others. That’s “professional presence” and that’s the cutting edge if you want to stay at the top of your game.

5 Questions to Evaluate and Improve Your Professional Presence

  1. How do I enter a room? Like a bull in a china shop or with quiet confidence?
  2. How do others perceive me? In person? In my electronic communication?
  3. What is my reputation at work? Am I easy to work with or am I “high maintenance”?
  4. Do I know and practice basic business etiquette?
  5. Am I skilled at handling sticky situations wisely and with grace?


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October Tip 2010: Know Your Audience and Generational Context

Know your audience. Know the generational context of the person you are talking with.

How do they see the world around them; what really matters to them and how can you effectively connect with them. That is the secret to working and communicating effectively across the generations.

Here are some ideas if you are the manager/leader to maximize the gifts that each generation brings to our workplaces these days.

  • Traditionalists (1918-1945). Use their life wisdom especially in times of change
  • Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964). Give them new challenges to stretch & grow
  • Generation X (1965 – 1980). Keep things moving & provide autonomy
  • Generation Y (1981 – 1995). Have them take the lead with technology
  • Linksters (born after 1995). Tap into their expertise with social networking


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September Tip 2010: Changing Your Mindset

Are you willing to experiment with shifting your life perspective? To move from a linear life vision to a muti-faceted vision takes a major change in how you see yourself and your world around you.

Start with slowly moving away from traditional expectations of “what should happen when” in your career and personal life. Challenge yourself to consider adopting a “portfolio lifestyle” which is a balanced mix of work, learning, recreation, family and community contribution. Sounds interesting?

Here are five shifts in your thinking to start with . . .

  • Give yourself permission to be optimistic
  • Seek out change – stretch your comfort zone daily
  • Slow down to think and allow yourself to imagine
  • Take responsibility for designing your own next chapter
  • Be curious about everything and willing to learn anything
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