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Helping You Build Your Coaching Business!

This year is a perfect time to infuse your coaching business with new ideas, strategies and powerful energy.  So whether you are just getting started in your coaching business or you have had a coaching business for a while this is an excellent time and opportunity to take it to the next level.

As your mentor coach, Kit is committed to helping you achieve the success you want next year. You can either participate in one of Kit’s tele-seminars; work with her individually or do a combination of services.  The goal is to help you open your business doors and keep them open. Participants and graduates of the tele-seminars and individual mentor coaching are also welcome to attend free monthly calls designed to help coaches continue the momentum of their businesses.

1.  Individual Mentor Coaching

This is your opportunity to design your own mentor coaching program to meet your specific professional needs at this time. Whether you are preparing for the International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialing exam; wanting to refresh your coaching skills or are working on taking your business to that next level you will find that partnering with Kit will bring you the concrete results you are looking for in 2013!

2.  Upcoming Tele-Seminars

“Refresher Coaching Skills for Coaches” September & October 2013

This is a five week tele-seminar on coaching skills designed for professional coaches who have already had coach training but who want to review and freshen up their skills.

We’ll be reviewing the cornerstones of coaching; what coaching is/is not and how to explain that to others; who, when, where & why to coach; the flow of the coaching conversation and powerful questions.  We will be weaving in the ICF core competencies as we cover each of these areas and pick up some of the advanced coaching skills as well.

You will also be asked to select a pro-bono client to work with during the course.  This will greatly enhance your learning because you will be directly applying what we’re covering each week to a actual coaching relationship.  As an additional bonus you will receive the “Coaching Skills for Coaches” participant binder.

* For start dates and pricing contact Kit at 775-324-5151 or at

Here’s what other coaches are saying . . .

“I highly recommend Kit Prendergast as a Mentor Coach. Her willingness to assist other coaches and share her vast training, experience and knowledge in addition to her enthusiasm and sincerity always leaves me feeling upbeat, positive and charged after speaking with her! Her energy is infectious her knowledge and willingness to assist other coaches is inspiring.”  Roxan Park, CCMC

“I met Kit Prendergast when I attended my first meeting of the Nevada Professional Coaches Association several years ago, and I was immediately impressed by her warmth and welcoming personality. She is one of those people who has an innate ability to instantly make you feel as though you’ve been friends for years. She’s as genuine as they come! As our relationship has grown, she has become a colleague, a mentor, and a trusted friend. Kit’s ability to connect with others and help them reach for their best makes her a sought-after coach and mentor – especially for new coaches in our profession. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a mentor coach. She’s one of the best, and we’re lucky to have her as part of the NPCA.”  Kevin Ciccotti, CPCC, ACC

“Kit is such a creative and supportive mentor coach!  I have taken her tele-class on Public Speaking: A Powerful Marketing  Tool”, and another on “Best Practices: Building Your Coaching Business”.  Each one delivers very precise and well-targeted advice in a group coaching format.  I also greatly appreciate each of her book recommendations to help build the knowledge background for each class.  For sure I will be  signing up for more! ” Laura Schlafly, MBA, CCMC

“My first exposure to Kit was taking her tele-class “Best Practices:Building Your Coaching Business”.
I have been a coach for a little while, but Kit’s new fresh ideas really helped me in marketing my business.  I really enjoyed Kit’s style of teaching so I also signed up for another of her tele-classes- “Public Speaking: A Powerful Marketing Tool”.   I was very apprehensive about undertaking public speaking but Kit helped me so much. I learned how to know my audience and how to prepare an effective outline.  I would highly recommend these classes for anyone who needs help in promoting their coaching business. Stacy Harsman, SPHR, CCMC

“Kit . . . I do want to thank you for playing a role in my growth as a coach and business owner. I moved to Carson City in 2005, having just begun my journey as a coach (in a business context) and knowing no one in Northern Nevada. You were my first contact at NPCA and embraced me as a person and a  professional. You saw in me ability and relevant experience as a coach, and called out how I could play a leadership role in an important statewide organization, NPCA. I cannot convey how much that impacted my confidence, whether that was apparent to you or not! Thank you very much for that acknowledgment and support.” Sean Burns, MBA, PCC Leadership Development LLC


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