“The Art of Political Conversation” A Unique Workshop

What fun!  I was invited to speak on KJFK 230 AM this past Saturday morning, Sept. 29th, on “The Art of Political Conversation”.  Chip Evans and his co-host Verita Black Prothro are anchoring a progressive talk radio show “Get Real, America!” every Saturday morning at 9:00am dedicated to opening the conversation in Northern Nevada  on progressive issues and concerns.

Chip and I are an experienced political training team.  We have been working with the Nevada Democratic field organizers since 2004 on all aspects of leadership and political activism.  For this political cycle, we are offering our evenings and weekends to meet with  community groups and field organizers to teach the fine art of engaging in a political conversation without being triggered.  And that’s not easy in this political climate!

This is a fast moving, interactive 1 1/2 hour skills-based workshop. Participants get hands-on practice in these state-of-the-art communication skills.  And what Chip and I enjoy most is the feedback we get from the college students, Republicans turned Democrats and the many, many dedicated volunteers willing to spend their free time working on behalf of progressive values and condidates.  After every workshop, they tell us they have more confidence and more concrete tools to engage in that next conversation at the door, on the phone or with their Republican brother-in-law at Thanksgiving dinner.


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