The Power of Optimism!

Optimism is a powerful business tool.  It is a magnet.  People gravitate toward others that project that  positive energy, spirit and belief in the future.  It is good business whether you own your own company, work in collaboration with others or are employed by someone else.  Adopting an optimistic outlook (yes, you can learn it) makes all the difference in your personal power, influence and future business success. 

What is Optimism?

“Optimism is the ability to look at the brighter side of life and to maintain a positive attitude even in the face of adversity”.  Bar-On 2002  Optimistic people have hope.  They are energetic and self-motivated because they perceive difficult situations as:

  • temporary with an end in sight
  • as not being their fault (bigger than just them)
  • that they have control in how they respond (a choice)

Teaching Yourself to Be Optimistic

So how do you learn to be optimistic?  Yes, we first learn optimism from those adult figures in our early childhood but as the years go by we can also teach ourselves to be more optimistic.  We do this by shifting how we think, speak and act.  It takes self-awareness and daily practice.

Here are five ways to bring more optimism into your life.

  • Think Differently (practice realistic abundance thinking not scarcity thinking)
  • Speak Differently (use words and ideas that expand not restrict your perceptions)
  • Act Differently (step into possibilities, act “As If”)
  • Develop an “Optimistic Network” (actively seek out others that boost your energy)
  • Sleep & Laugh More (physical & emotional self-care)

The ROI of Optimism

Is it worth the effort?  My answer is yes!  Try it and see.  On the business side, optimistic people are like magnets.  Others gravitate to them – they want to do business with them.  Optimistic people expect to be successful and their positive attitude and energy attract opportunities. 

On the personal side, optimistic people are physically and emotionally healthier, have significantly more positive relationships with family and friends, are well-connected to their communities and generally enjoy and appreciate their daily lives.  They live in abundance not scarcity. 

So be that person that others seek out – there is no down side only multiple benefits for you!

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