Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, by Guy Kawasaki, 2011.

Is it possible to convince people to dream the same dream that you do and then to inspire them to invest their hearts, souls & actions into making that dream a reality? That’s tough for any experienced leader to do.

But Kawasaki tackles this challenge in a most unique way. He believes that any of us can “enchant others” into making positive, sustainable changes in their own lives and in our global world. Examples include initiating a major social change, launching an innovative product or taking your company to that next profitable level.

Is that too unrealistic? Maybe not . . . as I read further, I realized that this is exactly what great world leaders and the most successful entrepreneurs do – they enchant others to believe in causes bigger than themselves. And we all benefit as a result. It’s a fascinating book!

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