December Tip: Create Positive Energy

Create Positive Energy in Your Life, Starting Today

You have a choice each and every morning. Along with deciding between eggs & bacon or cereal for breakfast, you are deciding how you are going to meet the challenges of the day – with dread and a grey cloud over your head or with a spring to your step and a bit of curiosity?

Low energy and a pessimistic attitude can become a habit that sneaks up on you. I would challenge all of us in the new year to consciously shift our thinking, being and doing to a more positive proactive energy. Here’s how . . .

Take a blank piece of paper and draw a T chart. On the left side create a column for your Energy Boosters and on the right side create a column for your Energy Drainers. Now watch yourself for several days and list what you observe and feel. What gives you energy? What drains your energy? And, are you willing to do something about it?

  • Energy Boosters – List people, activities, things that give you energy.
  • Energy Drainers – List people, activities, things that sap your energy, pull you down.
  • Take Control – List what you are willing to do to create the life you want in 2010.
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