Being EQ Smart is 80% of Leadership

Are you eager to take your career to a new more fulfilling level? Since the early 1990’s, research has consistently shown that being EQ smart is twice as important an ingredient of outstanding leadership performance as both ability and technical skill combined. And the higher you go up in your organization, the more important EQ is. At the highest leadership levels, EQ accounts for almost 85% – 90% of a leader’s success! So, if you are ready to fast-forward your professional career, think carefully about your own emotional intelligence – how would you rate yourself?

Here’s where you start . . . become a master of self-awareness. Know what you are feeling and why throughout the day. Teach yourself to check-in with your emotions several times a day. Know when you are feeling frustrated, angry, pleased or discouraged and why. The “why” can be difficult to identify but that is key to choosing how you will respond. You are in control and that ultimately works in your favor. Don’t let yourself be blindsided and/or let yourself be “emotionally hijacked”.

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