Holidays Are a Great Time to Connect With Others

The best part of the holiday season is time connecting with others. I’ve always found this true even when living in Norway, working full-time and raising two little ones. It’s often “wickedly busy” during the early part of December but the closer it gets to Christmas Day, the quieter work becomes here at the office.

That’s my time to connect with others – for coffee, lunch or a simple chat on the phone. And I find that’s generally true for others as well – fewer meetings are scheduled, workloads ease off a bit and people can catch their breath.

 So here’s my holiday career tip for you:

Pick up the phone each day and call a favorite client to just say hi and wish them happy holidays. Keep it simple and genuine. You’re not asking for anything. You are just reconnecting.

People like to know that others are thinking about them. I like it as well – you can give me a call too!

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