Take a Walk to Clear Your Mind

One of the advantages to understanding the inner workings of our brains is gaining some tips on how to get unstuck and move past those all too-familiar roadblocks. A good example is “writer’s block”. You have something important to get out but the more you concentrate the more you can’t come up with a creative idea or even an opening sentence. You’re stuck in an impasse and the more frustrated you get with yourself the more your mind locks up. Here’s what works for me . . .

Stop right now. Disengage your thinking brain, the prefrontal cortex, by getting up and moving. Let your brain take a break by moving into another quiet activity – not another thinking task – but rather physically moving by walking, doing a routine household chore or sorting your paper clips. Quiet is the key – reduce as much background noise and distractions as you can. You may also find that you are at your creative best at a certain time of day. Mine is early, early morning after that first cup of coffee. My mind is clear, my energy is high and new ideas are flowing.

Now it’s your turn . . . what works for you? And how can you do more of what works for you this upcoming week? If all else fails, go jump in a nice long hot shower. That always works!

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