The Secret to Knowing Your Own Talents

It’s actually easier than we think. A natural talent is the way we think, act or behave that comes easily to us with genuine enjoyment.

It’s almost like “second nature”.

Ask yourself these five powerful “what” questions and then confirm your answers by simply watching yourself when you are the happiest and “at your best”. The answers are right there in front of you.

  1. What do I gravitate toward?
  2. What appeals to me spontaneously?
  3. What comes easily to me?
  4. What attracts others to me? What do they say about my talents?
  5. What do I genuinely enjoy doing? Who do I enjoy being?

And our natural talents often have a central theme to them – like a red thread running through them. The next step of clarifying this theme(s) will be the single most important work you can do for yourself as you are growing and developing your professional career.

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