80% Works Fine Most of the Time!

Have you ever bogged down over a project because you just couldn’t get it exactly right?  It’s almost done but you keep going back and fine tuning it over and over and over again.  And then it never quite gets off your desk because you’re never really satisfied that  “it’s good enough”.   

Maybe you’re writing an article, working on your website, preparing a presentation or even just drafting an email.  Many of us are perfectionists – we want our work to be perfect each and every time.  And that is an admirable quality (and skill) for high stakes projects – where our expertise, experience and credibility is visible to others that matter.  But many times that’s not the case . . . 80% is actually just fine.

Kind of a Radical Thought

Perhaps you’re one of those naysayers who say it can’t be done.  Doing every project 110% has become your norm and in all honesty it has become your comfort zone as well.  But what does that standard bring you on a daily basis?  If you are like many professionals in today’s work world, you are being asked to do a lot more with less time, resources and support.  The result is often a nagging  feeling that you’re never going to catch up – you are that hamster running on the spinning wheel.  So . . . this may be somewhat of a radical different approach but it could make your work life a bit easier.

Give Yourself Permission

To stretch your comfort zone with this idea, give yourself permission to just play with it.  See if there are times when it doesn’t have to be perfect.  When you have something that needs to get off your desk and it’s relatively low stakes, do your best with it the first time through, brush it up one time and then hit the submit button.  And then move on to another task in your in-box.  It takes practice, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised that 80% actually works fine most of the time.  An added bonus . . . your stress level starts to go down, the work is going out the door faster and it actually looks pretty good.  Try it and let me know what you think!

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