Kit’s Tips, 2010 & Earlier

Kit sends out her business and career tips on the First Monday of every month – her way of helping you kickstart your month! This is her archive of previous reviews, pre-January 2011. If you’d like to receive her current reviews, sign up for First Monday newsletter, and you’ll receive monthly tips and reviews from Kit.

Kit’s Archive of Tips 2008-Jan 2011

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January 2011

Set Your Intention by Letting Others Know 

December 2010

What Do You Want? Planning Starts With A Vision

November 2010

Sharpen Your Image to Stay Competitive  

October 2010

Know Your Audience and Generational Context 

September 2010

Changing Your Mindset 

August 2010

No tip this month: Kit took a vacation!

July 2010

Resist the Temptation to Multi-task 

June 2010

Mentoring Others: Giving Others An Opportunity

May 2010

Learn How to Tell Your Story: The Secret to Job-Hunting Success

April 2010

Find Your Inner Motivation, Your Personal Key to Both Success and Happiness

March 2010

Declutter Your Life One Piece at a Time

February 2010

Build Strategic Alliances Now!

January 2010

Self-Coaching: Make It Happen for Yourself

December 2009

Create Positive Energy in Your Life, Starting Today

November 2009

Getting Comfortable with Making Presentations

October 2009

Small Steps to Maximize Your Job Security

September 2009

Work on Job and Business Security Every Day

August 2009

Give Yourself Permission to Take a Break

July 2009

Toes in the Water, Sun on Your Back

June 2009

Working Smarter With Less

May 2009

Resurrect Your Sense of Humor

April 2009

Master Your Inner Critic

March 2009

Toss Out What You Don’t Need!

February 2009

Use Technology to Add Value to Others

January 2009

Be Bold, Be Creative, and Look for Trends

December 2008

Wisdom, Learning, Experience: Honor Your Accomplishments; then Share

November 2008

Creating Your Portable Career: Building on the Best; Evolving into the Best

October 2008

Put the Power of Optimism to Work for Your Business


September 2008

Prepare for Life’s U-Turns

August 2008

Put Your Productivity Skills to Work for Nothing

July 2008

If You Schmooze, Make it Count

June 2008

Fear is Your Friend

May 2008

Worry Wisely and Make it Count

April 2008

Give Yourself a Break

March 2008

Take the ‘But’ Out

February 2008

Simplify Your Choices

January 2008

Make Your Connections Count!

December 2007

Take a Deep DEEP Breath!

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