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Individual Leadership Coaching

It’s a challenge! Are you a leader in your organization but sometimes frustrated with getting things done efficiently and effectively? Do you sometimes feel you are in a struggle with well-intentioned employees, your colleagues or even your own boss to move projects ahead smoothly and on-time?

That’s the value of leadership development coaching. As a certified executive leadership coach, Kit partners with you to strategically take your leadership skills up to that next powerful level. Just imagine yourself being able to consistently engage and influence those you work with to give their best each and every day toward the desired outcomes of your company or organization. That is leadership success!

1. Leadership Development Customized Coaching

(Companies may purchase on behalf of an employee or the individual employee may purchase on their own behalf – pricing will vary.)

  • Customized executive/upper-level management coaching program
  • Individual office (or telephone) visits 3x per month (recommend six months)
  • Additional leadership assessments as indicated including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI); the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP); the SEIP 360 Version; the DiSC behavioral assessment and the StrengthsFinder 2.0.
  • 1 – 3 meetings with sponsoring employer to assess needs, design program and provide appropriate follow-up and documentation
  • Spot coaching (telephone & email) throughout the month
  • Focus is on career excellence including maximizing performance and value to organization.

9 Areas of Leadership Development:

  • Identify Desired Outcome, Strategy, Action Plan & Accountability
  • Recognize Your Own Strengths & Talents as a Leader
  • Maximize Your Social & Emotional Intelligence (SEI) Competencies
  • Enhance Your Professional Presence & Influence
  • Engage & Motivate Others Using Advanced Coaching Skills
  • Communicate Effectively with Your Diverse Workforce (generations, culture, styles etc.)
  • Lead Others with Confidence Through Organizational Change
  • Build and Lead a Strengths-Based Team
  • Know Your Own Measure of Success

Contact Kit for more information about this program.

 2. Assessments & Laser Coaching for Leaders

(Pricing dependent on number of assessments & coaching sessions desired.)

All successful leaders are eager to learn what they are doing right, what is not going well and how to improve their impact with others and their companies. Personality and behavioral assessments are often the ideal place to start because they provide objective feedback.

  • StrengthsFinder (Natural Talents & Career Strengths)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) (Innate Preferences)
  • DiSC Behavioral Assessment (Adaptive Behaviors)
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence (SEI) (Learned Behaviors)

Get your toes wet with one or several of these popular leadership assessments.  Learn how you as a leader shine, your areas of growth and even your blind spots. Use this knowledge to develop an action plan in your coaching sessions with Kit.  And then, if you are ready to take these action steps to the next top level, apply your fee to your first month of the individual “Leadership Development Coaching”.

3. Skill-Specific Leadership Coaching

(Companies may purchase on behalf of an employee or the individual employee may purchase on their own behalf – pricing will vary.)

Skill Sets Include: Conflict Management; Presentation Skills; Time Management Skills; Networking Strategies, Promotion Preparation including Branding, Portfolio Development & Interviewing.

  • Identification of a specific career skill & desired outcomes
  • Individual office (or telephone) visits 3x per month (recommend three months)
  • Plan of instruction with resources to learn new skill set
  • Practice of new skills with immediate feedback
  • Strength-based assessments available with separate pricing
  • Focus is on integrating new skill set into current work role & responsibilities

Contact Kit for more information about this program.

What Participants Say

“Kit is a fantastic Leadership Coach. She worked with our very small company and tailored her program to our needs. She was positive and had great suggestions for us as a group as well as each individual. Team and individual coaching sessions were insightful and covered a broad range of topics. I would highly recommend Kit for any professional who is looking to make themselves and their workplace more productive and successful.”  Barbara Hunter, National Sales Manager, GM Red Rooster Division at Ziegler & Ames

“Kit is an outstanding coach and career strategist. She understands the nuances in the corporate environment and worked with me to transition into a new position with new responsibilities and dynamics. I highly recommend Kit and am confident that anyone who works with her will be stronger and more focused within their career.”  I. M.

“A mutual friend suggested that I meet Kit earlier this year as I was opening my new office. I was immediately impressed with her intelligence, honesty, and generosity of spirit. Through the last few months, Kit has become an insightful and supportive mentor. I value her suggestions about starting a business, networking, building my brand, and staying positive through it all. Thank you, Kit!”    Lindley Steere, LCSW, LCADC, Owner of  Live Fully Aware

“Kit is the quintessential professional not only in her field, but in her attitude towards everything she does. She has presented at my organization numerous times on a multitude of subjects. Motivating unemployed professionals can be a difficult task. Kit’s belief in our clients, her moral support of our program, and her efforts in providing tools always results in an encouraged audience with renewed confidence. Her program “Coffee, Careers and Conversations” has created a near cult following with my clients. I can always tell when Kit has been in the facility. There are more smiles, a stronger level of confidence and the atmosphere is filled with “Can Do.” Her support over the past few years to me personally, and the organization as a whole has proven to be an integral part of our overall success.” Pieter Droog, Branch Manager, ProNet, Reno, NV

Powerful Partnerships for Powerful Results!


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