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Fast forward to one year from today!  Where do you want to be in your career?  What kind of work do you want to be doing and with whom? How do you want to be contributing to the issues and causes that you care most about?  And finally, what will success uniquely look like for you in one year?

Give yourself permission to imagine this future for yourself and know that it is possible when you commit your personal power, energy and focus to making it happen. And having a partner that believes in you and your vision can make all the difference.  That partner may be Katherine (Kit) Prendergast, a certified leadership development coach with a wealth of experience and expertise.

So if you are ready to take your career to that next level, call or email Kit to schedule a complimentary meeting to see if professional coaching will meet your needs.  Here are several of Kit’s favorite coaching options – you will also  find additional options under the Leadership Development Coaching tab on Kit’s website.

1.  Advancing Your Career!

($375/month) ($325/month after 3 months) 

  • Customized career coaching package designed to meet your unique needs, interests and pace
  • Individual office (or telephone) one hour sessions 3x per month (3 consecutive months)
  • StrenghsFinder 2.0 & Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP) & the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) On-Line Comprehensive Career Report. Optional: SEI 360 Assessment (pd by client)
  • Assistance with career branding and positioning including professional presence, presentation/speaking skills & advanced networking strategies and skills
  • Spot coaching (telephone & email) throughout the month
  • Focus is on identifying a clear career direction; removing blocks to action; putting structures in place for success and final transition into new career path.

Contact Kit for more information about this program.

2. Leadership Skill Development, Short-Term Coaching Program

($325 – $625/month) (Sample topics: coaching skills for managers & HR professionals; presentation skills; time & energy management skills and Train the Trainer (how to design, develop and deliver top quality training programs.) 

  • Identification of a specific career skill & desired outcomes
  • Individual office (or telephone) visits 3x per month (recommend three months)
  • Plan of instruction with resources to learn new skill set
  • Practice of new skills with immediate feedback
  • Strength-based assessments are available/separate pricing
  • Focus is on integrating new skill set into current work role & responsibilities

What Participants Say

“Your help has been invaluable and has given me the organization, ideas and motivation I needed to reach for my new career goals . . .  your previous coaching did the trick!! Great coaching is always a positive influence on me and you are one of the BEST!!!”  Anita Fordin-Giese Trento, Italy

“At the recent ASTD TK conference, I had the opportunity to do a brief ‘laser’ career coaching session with Kit that was wonderful. In the short time we had, Kit helped me identify what issues were most important to focus on first, and gain perspective on my career transition. I found Kit to be extremely warm, engaging, professional and comforting, and will continue to reach out to her in the future as needed.”  Laureen Meldrum, Director of Global Asset Management Learning Technologies – Vice President at JPMorgan Chase

“While entering a new chapter in my life I wanted the advice of a career coach. I searched, stumbled upon Kit and her website, After reading her material I was struck by the direct no nonsense feel. You know, the one you get from a real expert? After a 30-minute call it was confirmed. Kit is the real deal. Over the months I’d get to know how insightful, intelligent and skilled she is. I’m happy to have met her, her advice is spot on and she has helped point me in the right direction. I cannot say enough good things about her!” Rob Poulton, PMP, Technical Project Manager at Clear Capital

“As a French career and cross-cultural coach living in the Netherlands, I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by Kit during my coaching certification. Kit is very knowledgeable, adaptable and motivated to help others learn and grow. She was very flexible in regards to my needs and she adapted to the distance and international communication by working with me in the pace I need. I found this to be incredibly valuable in working with her, as she allows others to grow their coaching skills to the next level.” Magali Toussaint, International Certified Career & Cross-Cultural Coach for expatriates

“Kit Prendergast has been an invaluable guide to help me find my professional dream and pursue it successfully. As an established professional, I balked at the idea of engaging a career coach. But Kit helped me discover my likes and dislikes and, more importantly, what I want from a career. Kit will warn you that you have to do the work. But if you’re like me, the joy of discovery makes that a labor of love. I recommend Kit to professionals who are still struggling with the question, ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’ The answers will be uniquely yours, but she’s great at helping you find them.” Brent Boynton, Media Trainer, Coach, Consultant

“It has been so great to have Kit as my career coach. I’m about to be 30 and navigating a tough industry (production and entertainment). Even though we don’t live in the same place, talking on the phone is great! Kit helped me identify my strengths and kept me focused. After working with her for two months I got a job offer to direct children’s theatre, which is just what I wanted!” Lis Bartlett, Documentary Filmmaker & Editor / Theatre Director & Stage Manager

“Last year I hired Kit to help me with my next career move. What I am about to say may seem simple to many of you, but put into practice were the best words of wisdom that Kit help me understand….. 1) know what your values are 2) understand what you are passionate about 3) find a position that fits 1 & 2. I am now a corporate account executive at the local PBS station. I would recommend Kit to anyone who wants to invest in themselves and their career.Trust Kit and trust the process!” —Theresa Cooke, KNPB-TV, Channel 5, Public Broadcasting

“Kit’s warm and articulate coaching style and professional resources support career transitions. Kit is an outstanding listener who skillfully reflects career interests and is part of your team during the change process. — Roberta Rettig, SPHR

“Kit helped me get ‘unfragmented’, helping me decide my career goals FIRST and then, second, looking at how those fit into the job market. (I was doing it backwards.) As I worked with Kit, things began to come together very quickly and suddenly I had job interviews for positions I really wanted.” – Judith Harlan, Lucky Bat Books

“Kit is an exceptionally skilled coach. Through her communication skills, she lead me through a process that led me to self-clarification of priorities and goals and then action steps to be taken with accountability markers along the way. Add her enthusiasm to the mix, and you have a great coaching experience. The results were effective, giving me the committed energy to go out and get it done!” — Leslie Farris, Director of Development

Powerful Partnerships for Powerful Results!

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