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Do You Have the “Right Stuff” to Become a Free Agent?

I am a free agent and love it. Earlier in my working life, I worked for both San Diego County and for Kaiser Permanente HMO (west & east coasts) and enjoyed both a great deal. But as my professional career has matured I’ve gravitated to working for myself as a sole practitioner, independent contractor, business owner etc. I’m all those things rolled into one. Yes, I work harder, but I enjoy the challenge of using my years of experience and expertise in any way I want.

But being a free agent is not for everyone. Here are three questions I would suggest you ask yourself before making the leap into this new way of working and of being.

  1. Do you have the initiative and drive to build a business from the ground up? It takes focus, commitment and a large dose of optimism to stay with it. Do you have those qualities?
  2. Are you willing to learn the new skills – or hire someone who does – to market your business, to establish the infrastructure and to do the business of running the business?
  3. Is the rest of your life fairly stable? Do you have a separate income that can help pay the bills until this new venture is profitable? Can you commit the necessary time and energy?

No time is a perfect time. But with some careful planning you may find that becoming a free agent is just perfect for you in this time of your life. Lots of other people of all ages are embracing this idea – think about it!

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Free Agent Nation

Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself, Daniel H. Pink, Business Plus Hachette Book Group, New York, New York, 2001.

I am a big Daniel Pink fan! Ever since I saw Pink present at one of the international coaching conferences, I have been buying his books and using his strategies and ideas in both my training and coaching work. In Free Agent Nation Pink captures the evolution of how professional work is being defined now by the Millennial generation. He gives us an appreciation of how our history as a country, and particularly the economic trends, have influenced these significant changes in today’s work world. Pink’s books are always on the cutting edge and this one is no exception!

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