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May 2009: Zits

Jeremy and Mom: A ZITS Retrospective, by Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman, 2008.Pick up any of these Zits books (excerpts from popular Zits comic strip) and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud among the book stacks at Barnes & Noble. Whichever book you pick, and there are several of them, you will recognize yourself in the throes of life.My favorite is this one on the relationship of Mom and her newly behind-the-wheel teenage son, Jeremy. “That’s me and Davis!” I shriek to anyone who will listen.

I keep it next to the computer and when I need a quick shot of laughter, I flip it open to revisit those wonderful, chaotic days of raising a teenager.

Davis moves so fast in one short year (Beirut, Lebanon; Vanderbilt University and now to West Point) that I feel that I’m just trailing behind him like Jeremy’s Mom, asking, “Now what are you doing?” — “Where are you going?” and most importantly, “And what is this going to cost me?”

To keep my sense of humor and perspective, I’m clutching the Zits book.

Find your special comic. And keep it close. You need it, your staff needs it, and we all need a good belly laugh to get us through.


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May Tip: Resurrect Your Sense of Humor

Good, healthy humor is a business asset. It creates an atmosphere of optimism, spirit and energy – all great qualities to integrate into your company culture. On a personal level, humor connects us with others in a very real way.

The ability to connect with your colleagues up and down the company ladder in a positive and supportive manner is key to your own career development and excellence. Your co-workers will gravitate to you because it feels good to work with someone who keeps their perspective, has a smile for others and helps us feel that times are good and getting better.

This is Emotional Intelligence at its best! Here are 5 tips to keep the laughter coming.

  • Practice laughing (which will embarrass your teenager), so laugh harder
  • Read two comic strips daily (my favorites are Zits & Pickles)
  • Watch some of those old movies instead of doing another load of laundry
  • Seek out the funny people in your life – they are good for your heart
  • Give yourself permission to laugh at yourself – we really are great entertainment
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