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January Tip 2011: Set Your Intention By Letting Others Know

Put it out there. Yes, let everyone know what your intentions are for this coming year. Remember working on your vision in December – you got a clear picture in your mind of what you wanted. Your vision is the broad strokes – the big picture.

Your intentions are the concrete actions steps to make that vision a reality.

And by letting others know (shout it out!) you are making a public commitment and ensuring that you become accountable for making it all happen for yourself. My secret . . . . use a 90-day cycle to add a sense of urgency and momentum to your intentions . Here’s how to start . . .

  • Divide the 12 months of the year up into 3 month segments (90 days each)
  • Chunk up your action steps and assign them to one of the 90 day segments.
  • Clarify how each set of action steps will flow & support the next segment.
  • Identify what resources you need and how you will access those resources.
  • Finally, decide how you will be accountable at the end of each 90 day segment.

So here’s one of my intentions this year – to expand my coaching business by offering more opportunities for people to work with me in a variety of ways and costs. So in that spirit, I’m going to offer something new and different during the firs three months of this year.

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