May Tip: Resurrect Your Sense of Humor

Good, healthy humor is a business asset. It creates an atmosphere of optimism, spirit and energy – all great qualities to integrate into your company culture. On a personal level, humor connects us with others in a very real way.

The ability to connect with your colleagues up and down the company ladder in a positive and supportive manner is key to your own career development and excellence. Your co-workers will gravitate to you because it feels good to work with someone who keeps their perspective, has a smile for others and helps us feel that times are good and getting better.

This is Emotional Intelligence at its best! Here are 5 tips to keep the laughter coming.

  • Practice laughing (which will embarrass your teenager), so laugh harder
  • Read two comic strips daily (my favorites are Zits & Pickles)
  • Watch some of those old movies instead of doing another load of laundry
  • Seek out the funny people in your life – they are good for your heart
  • Give yourself permission to laugh at yourself – we really are great entertainment
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