Employee Fatigue!

Recently, I have been writing about Job Search Fatigue (for those bone weary job seekers) and Small Business Fatigue (for those business owners struggling to keep their doors open).  But there is another group equally fatigued that is easily overlooked.  I call these folks the “Last Ones Standing”.  The employees that didn’t get laid off but were either shuffled into new positions or left holding down several job responsibilities. They don’t get much empathy or attention. No one is really interested in their stories because, after all, they still have a job.

But maybe many of these employees are more tired that anyone.  Everything has changed including losing familiar colleagues and work identities.  And they have far less control over their daily work priorities and schedules that the business owners or the job seekers. Would anyone like to switch positions? Maybe not but the feeling of fatigue is epidemic for all three groups.

7 Strategies to Manage the Fatigue

So how do you manage the fatigue, stay optimistic and motivated day after day?  Here are 7 strategies to do just that – and these work equally well for the job seeker, small business owner and that last employee standing.

  • Take care of yourself physically & emotionally (sleep, diet, exercise and positive relationships).
  •  Ask yourself “What do I want for myself at this time in my life?” Ask yourself again.
  • Rethink your expectations of yourself especially ones that bring stress into your life
  • Set intermediate goals for yourself & celebrate when you achieve them
  • Decide what your priorities are – what is negotiable and nonnegotiable
  • Be willing to change, change and change again
  • Stay active, engaged and focused!

Be patient with yourself.  You know what works for you and what you need to do to manage the fatigue factor for yourself.  If you get stuck, reach out to others.  Lots of others are feeling the same and also have good answers.

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