Freshening Up the Look of Your Website

Freshening up the look of your website every couple of years is really important.  And it’s much easier now that many of us are using Word Press or a similar platform.  My wonderful webmaster/media expert, Judith Harlan, Web Words That Work, has been encouraging me for years to switch to a platform that would allow me to make my own changes easily and quickly.  I was very hesitant since technology is a steep, time intensive learning curve for me.  But finally with no more excuses left and both feet dragging I agreed to the switch.

And what a pleasant surprise!  It’s as easy (relatively) as Judith promised it would be.  And since I had been using the Word Press platform for my blog these last six months I was familiar with the general layout.  It still takes time.  Each page needs to be updated – new content, new pictures.  But it gives me a chance to review and refresh what I offer in both the coaching and training areas.

New Look Brings Out the Best in You

By reworking your website you can communicate the best of what you have to offer.  Your website is an electronic career portfolio telling others what you do, how you do it and the value that you bring others.  Make it colorful.  Make it welcoming.  And make sure that your voice comes through on every page. That is what engages others and encourages them to contact you.  So taking this time to freshen up my website has been well-worth it.  And switching to a platform that allows me full control is pretty neat.  Now back to my updates . . .


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