Fear! Rattlesnakes & Coyotes

It’s early on a Saturday morning and the sun is just raising over the Virginia foothills here in SW Reno, Nevada.  It’s a perfect time for coyotes to hunt and for the rattlesnakes to come out from under the rocks.  It’s also my favorite time to get the dogs out (Snowball the elderly golden retriever & Dooley the Westie with attitude).  But as we set off, I’m a bit fearful of what we may encounter on the trail ahead – especially the coyotes. 

Turning Back or Pressing On

It’s tempting to cut the walk short and just head over to Starbucks.  But then I do a reality check and ask myself “Have I ever seen a coyote on this trail?” The answer is “No”.  “Have I ever encountered a rattlesnake – ever?” Again the answer is “No”.  And the internal conversation continues back and forth . . . “So what are you afraid of? Well, I’ve read about coyotes snatching small dogs. True, but the chances of that happening are probably slim to none on this Saturday morning.”  It’s a reality check as the sun peaks up over the hills that actually the dogs are just fine happily peeing on every piece of sagebrush as they trot up the dirt trail.  As for me, I remind myself that I will handle anything that happens – and it could – but it  probably won’t.  

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Our fears can keep us from so many pleasures if we let them.  Yes, things happen but we are stronger than we think.  It’s the “What If?” that can hold us back – that can convince us so quickly that we really shouldn’t do this or that because “What If?”.  I would challenge all of us to ask ourselves “But what will I be missing if I let fear stop me?”  Sometimes the risk is more than what we want to take but lots of times we fear something that hasn’t even happened and in reality will likely not happen at all.  So go on ahead . . . take the dogs out early morning and enjoy that sunrise which you would be missing if you let those fears get in your way.

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