Stepping Into Your Own Brilliance

What an exciting thought!  You are brilliant.  And you are are the verge of stepping into that brilliance in this next career chapter.  So why is it so hard to remember what we’re really good at and what we really enjoy?  During busy and stressful times we often forget the gifts that we bring to our workplaces and even to our families.  We can easily slip into more of a “survivor” mode – just getting through the days the best we can.  But what are we sacraficing when we do that?  A lot!  We lose (and others lose) from us not being at our best and using our talents for others.

So if you’re ready to step into your own brilliance take a moment to reflect back to times that you have been at your best.  Remember how you felt, how others responded to you and the outcome of the things you were doing.  No doubt . . . in those moments you were using your natural talents in some capacity.  Wow!  Now that feels good.  So take it the next step . . . develop your natural talents into career strengths.

Identify Your Natural Talents

A natural talent is the way we think, act or behave that comes easily to us with genuine enjoyment.  It’s like “second nature”.  And our natural talents often have a central theme to them – much like a golden thread running through them.

Step back and ask yourself these five questions.

  • What do I gravitate toward?
  • What appeals to me spontaneously?
  • What comes easily to me?
  • What attracts others to me? What do they say I’m good at?
  • What do I genuinely enjoy doing?  Who do I enjoy being?

What do you see?  Do you find you gravitate toward work with ideas, things or people?  And what do you like to see happen as a result of your involvement?  Keep it simple.  Try and identify five general themes for yourself.

Develop Talents into Career Strengths

Now add knowledge, skills and a dash of practice to develop your natural talents into career strengths.  Seek out opportunities that will give you a chance to use your natural talents.  Need to add some knowledge or more skills?  Then sign up for professional development classes; get a mentor or volunteer in a capacity that you can shine!

Give yourself a bit of time and then enjoy being known for bringing top performance to your work consistently.  And the icing on the cake is that you are genuinely at your best.  Feels pretty good, doesn’t it!

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