The Pony Express – Riding as One

They ride as one. Horse and rider committed to the speedy and safe delivery of the U.S mail working in harmony each doing what they do best.

Here’s what we can learn from watching this amazing teamwork. When we have a burning passion and an unflinching commitment to accomplish something beyond ourselves we must ride as one unit.  We can’t do it alone. Together we are strong and resilient.  And the Pony Express annual Re-Ride demonstrates exactly that.

Watching the 2012 Pony Express Re-Ride come through Northern Nevada in June was an incredible experience.  I had never seen it personally so when our Beer Club friend, Petra Keller, invited us to come watch her ride a portion of this famous trail I had to push the “yes” button.

And it gave me goose bumps to watch these beautiful and hardy horses carry their dedicated riders (from teens to80 years old) across miles and miles of Nevada desert. Each rider and horse takes a segment of the route which began this year in Sacramento on Wednesday, June 13th and ended in Saint Joseph, Missouri on Saturday, June 23rd.  They travel over the original Pony Express route (1966 miles) going through eight states.  600 volunteers coordinate the logistics and support for the horses and riders including the setup of an impressive communications system.

And where’s the mail?  That was interesting . . . the horse carries a 100 lb. leather mail bag called a “mochila”. The mochila has 4 compartments and lifts up and over the saddle to be as balanced as possible.  Transferring it from one horse to the next is much like watching the Olympic Torch being handed off from runner to runner.  But it’s even better because you are watching two horses and two riders working closely together to help each other accomplish this tricky but quick and efficient transfer.

So think about this . . . if there is something really important to you that you are passionate about accomplishing resist the temptation to be the Lone Ranger.  Instead, look for a solid team mate that will put in the hard work, the long miles and the serious sweat to deliver the goal.  Or in the case of the Pony Express to deliver the mail!



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