Three Ways to Begin to Influence Others at Work!

Are you ready to have more influence at work? Maybe you are new in your position or maybe you are an “old timer” and now are itching to make some organizational changes that could take your department or company to a new and improved performance level. But are you a person of influence?  Do others look to you for clarity on the company’s future and direction on how best to meet performance goals? Are you sought out for your ideas, your wisdom, your ability to manage organizational change and finally to fully engage and motivate others?

You may have some homework to do to become that kind of influential leader. Here are my favorite three ways to start.

  • Practice your speaking skills (with individuals, small groups & large audiences)
  • Sharpen your writing skills (share your ideas, connect with others)
  • Invest in experiences and reading (to expand your awareness, interests & conversation)

And now watch others in your workplace . . . how do they persuade, inspire and influence others?  What is it about them that speaks to others in an unique way?  You can learn so much from just observing them in action!

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