Accelerating Out of the Great Recession

Accelerating Out of the Great Recession: How to Win in a Slow-Growth Economy, 2010, by David Rhodes and Daniel Stelter, The Boston Consulting Group

This is an excellent book for all of us that want to understand what has happened in our global economy and what we, as small business owners, can do to ensure that our businesses grow in the new year.

It’s not a quick read but rather one that requires your full attention. I enjoyed the historical perspective, particularly learning why certain companies thrived in the Great Depression. The authors go on to provide a clear assessment of what our new economic realities are and what this means for business overall.

There is a great section on “Leadership During a Crisis” with six very practical, concrete actions leaders, managers, business owners etc. should take each day during this turbulent time to ensure that the company and the employees are thriving in our new work world.

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