July Tip: Toes in the Water

Toes in the Water And Sun on Your Back

It’s summer and with it comes the lazy, hazy lull before the busyness of the fall. During these delicious, long days we have a wonderful chance to relax, do something new and just sit and think. I recommend it.

Imagine yourself down by the Truckee River with your toes dabbling in the water and a warm sun on your back. Let your mind drift and meander with the flow of water.

Watch an interesting thing happen — delicious, new ideas begin to bubble to the surface. For just a few moments, play with the burbling possibilities and toy with “what could be” rather than “what is”.

This is possibility thinking (anything is possible) rather than probability thinking (it’s not very probable). And it’s a powerful boost for the creative juices. To bring out your inner entrepreneurial spirit, try these strategies.

  • Be random, be playful, say Yes!
  • Try something new now.
  • Consider this: You don’t need all the answers before you start. So, start.
  • Get your idea out there, see if it works, quickly adjust, and put it out again.
  • Become a learning junkie by challenging and stretching yourself.

Above all, have fun with it. Play. Splash. And bring that playful, creative spirit back to the office when you’re ready to come out of the sun.

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