June Tip 2010: Mentoring Others

Mentoring Others: Giving Others an Opportunity

It’s been a very busy month with training commitments, a flurry of family arriving in town and the excitement and rush of high school graduation festivities for my daughter, Barbara. She is off to Syracuse University in New York along with many of her classmates who are also heading to the East Coast for school.

As I watch the excitement of these new chapters unfolding, I am struck repeatedly of how important it is for these young adults (and us older folks too) to find and maximize our opportunities not only in this life chapter but in that next exciting chapter. And it’s those relationships, the professional and the personal, that open doors and help pave the way.

  • Give Informational Interviews
  • Invite a young professional to partner with you
  • Create opportunities for several of you to collaborate

Pass the mantle of expertise down to that next generation. Then you can jump to that next adventure for yourself.

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