June Tip: Working Smarter With Less

After the summer break and school starts up again, I think we’re going to see some real changes at all levels of business, and in firms of all sizes, too. We’ve all adjusted to upheavals and changes already, so you may be asking yourself, what more could there be?

The change is all about settling in, getting the work done and building the business – with fewer resources than ever before.

Already, every forward-thinking manager and leader is asking how it’s possible do more with less. The answer lies in management and in moving to a customized managerial style. A few tips to start you on the road:

  • See people (including yourself) as individuals with differing work styles.
  • Ask people what support they need in order to do their jobs well.
  • Listen to the answers (setting aside what you think the correct answer should be).
  • Provide whatever resources you can to help the individual succeed.
  • Move people around, matching jobs with talent.

No one can do it all alone. We need leadership to pull teams together and to get much more accomplished with much less.

We need to work smarter – much smarter.

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