October Tip: Small Steps to Maximize Your Job Security

As I promised last month, I’m sharing with you seven strategies and action steps that you could take today (yes, now!) to protect your job whether you work for someone else, are growing your current business, or want to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit by starting your own business.

Last month, I spoke about the first three:

  • Be Visible Every Day
  • Be Available to Others, and
  • Be Easy to Work With

Building on that foundation, here are the next four behaviors that are critical to your job security during these turbulent times. I know these are broad areas, but they will get you thinking. Take one at a time and consider the possibilities – What am I already doing well? What could I be doing better? What is one small step I could take today toward that goal? And then prioritize that small action step by putting it into practice today, again tomorrow and again next week. Soon it’s a habit. It’s just part of how you do business and who you are.

The outcome is a delicious sense of Confidence, Calm and Control (Kit’s 3 C’s) and knowing that you are positioning yourself each and every day to be that “indispensible employee/consultant”. Here are my next four favorite tips for you.

  • Be Reliable
  • Be Skilled
  • Be Flexible
  • Be Professional
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