3 Ways to Retain the Talents of a Millennial

What is the Millennial generation? These younger people, also known as Gen Y, were born after 1985 and bring a wealth of talent, energy and creativity to today’s workforce. But for many Baby Boomer employers, it is a challenge to figure how to successfully recruit, manage and ultimately retain these valuable employees.

Once hired, the Millennials are bringing different expectations to their jobs. To learn what these are simply ask a Millennial. They will tell you, often with some genuine frustration. I have been asking several, including my daughter Barbara, age 22, about what is the key to keeping them or, in reverse, why they would leave their current job.

Here is what they say . . .

  • “First, give me the opportunity to use my strengths. Don’t be afraid to challenge me. Give me stretch assignments. I also want to see a career progression at this company. Is there a clear path to move up in this company? Will you give me the training, mentoring and coaching resources to help me master new innovative skills?”
  • “Second, listen to me! Give me a chance to contribute my ideas even though they might be a bit different. Encourage me to have a voice and have a seat at the table. I want to be included as a valuable member of the team. “
  • “Third, don’t forget me. I need and appreciate regular feedback about my job responsibilities and performance. I want to know how to excel in this job but I also need support and guidance. After all, this is my first “real” job.”

It actually all makes perfect sense. If you hired well, the Millennials simply want to do what they were hired for or what they aspire too. Set aside the stereotypes and listen to each person as an individual – you will be pleasantly surprised!

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