Be a Tribal Leader Every Day

So, who are your tribes in this chapter of your life? As the years pass and we live in more places, meet more people and experience more things, we have moved in and out of tribes sometimes without ever really thinking about it. It just happened. But for now, let’s take a moment and identify what tribes you are part of during this chapter. You could even call these your networks – don’t forget to include your Internet social network if you’re heavily into that way of connecting.

On a blank piece of paper, draw the image of the Olympic Circles. These are 5 ovals that overlap each other, creating a wonderful synergy amongst them. Now in each circle put one of your tribes – a group of people (usually 20 – 150) that you feel a part of. It may be your professional colleagues, your neighborhood, old college friends, your children’s school network, family connections, volunteer work associates, your church, etc. Pick the five that you enjoy the most. Draw these circles in colored pencils, on the computer or on a cocktail napkin – anywhere that feels right to you.  Now here’s my challenge to you . . . what can you do to positively support, encourage and influence those in your tribes?

What kind of leader are you?

  1. A leader who energizes and brings out the best in others?
  2. Or one who drains others so they only perform at a minimal level?

I want you to be one of the #1 leaders – And the best!

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