Inventory Your Successes from Last Year

This is a great reminder for all of us. It’s so easy to slip into thinking about everything that we didn’t do, couldn’t do, postponed doing etc. We often do that at night before going to bed. Instead of focusing on what we did accomplish during that day, we are busy thinking of all that we didn’t do. The result? We just feel more overwhelmed and exhausted.

So try this instead . . . do an “inventory” of your successes from last year. Start with flipping back through your paper or electronic calendar and start noting down all that you accomplished in both your professional and personal life. Now go to anyplace else that you write these things down. Ask colleagues, your spouse, your friends as well. Often their memories are much better than ours.

Make a HUGE list for 2014. If you are on a roll, go back another year and another year. You will be amazed that you actually have been very successful! Now give yourself a warm pat on your back, curl up next to your fluffy pillow and go right to sleep knowing that you have been very successful in the things that matter most to you at this time.

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