What is “Essential” to You? Focus on the Power of Five

In deciding what is essential, I always start with identifying the outcome I want in a certain area. And then I think about the strategy I need to achieve this outcome and what disciplined approach will be most effective in implementing the strategy.

Here’s what it looks like – it’s actually my annual business plan.

  1. I draw out my favorite Olympic Circles picture – five interconnecting circles.
  2. In each circle, I write an area of my business that I have chosen to be essential in the coming year. My five areas for 2015 are:

Individual Career Transition Coaching; Corporate Partnerships (Training & Coaching); Mentoring/Prof. Development; Marketing; Business of the Business.

These five areas are where I want to devote my time and energy this year.

When I do that in a disciplined way, I am extremely effective in achieving my goals and my business grows and flourishes!

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