Dark Night & Seance & Dinner = Evening of Value

It’s a dark October Saturday night. I’ve persuaded my friend, Yvonna Estep, into joining me for dinner and a “seance” at a small local restaurant.  Yes, a seance . . . it’s being hosted by Barb Giacomini, owner of the Daughter’s Cafe www.daughterscafe.com.

Barb’s restaurant is in a old house down by the Truckee River here in Reno, Nevada.  Tall oak trees grace the front and as you climb the stairs you enter a house with several beautiful rooms, creaky wooden floors, large windows and a rich history.  Barb serves breakfast, lunch and on occasion special dinners such as this night . . .

Barb is an inspiration.  She has owned the Daughers’s Cafe for five years but it hasn’t been easy.  She is a wonderful cook and the dishes that she prepares for her customers are incredible.  But attracting enough customers is always a challenge.  So what she does is unique.  Barb has figured out how to add unique value to her customers who want more than just to go out for a nice meal.  Yes, she knows that people want to enjoy a meal out but they also to have some entertainment as well.

So this is what Barb does . . . she partners up with either the local theater group, our world-renown museum, or the movie theater around the corner to offer a themed dinner or brunch.  On this particular night, she did something even more unique.  She invited a psychic, Theresa Peacock,www.aboveandbeyondpsychic.com, to come and conduct a seance.  And the place was packed – as it had been for each weekend night before.  Barb knows what people want and what they are wiling to pay for – she provides a wonderful evening of entertainment and a fabulous meal as well.

Add a Unique Value to Your “Everyday” Service

This is what we can learn from Barb.  As a small business owner, think about what you can offer people that is just a little more – something that your customer can “write home about”.  Take your time . . . what would be unique?  Fun?  Meet a need?  And then try it out.  Make it simple and time limited.  If it doesn’t work that’s fine.  Try something else.

In this process you stay engaged and motivated to move your business forward.  And you are visible – people know that you are in business. While many others are on “hold” during this tough economy you’re out there making it happen.  People pay attention – they remember.  It says a lot about you,the energy and the spirit of your business!

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