Flexiability as Hurricane Irene Bears Down

The best laid plans get changed when a Category 3 hurricane is headed directly toward you.  Our family is up in Syracuse, NY to help daughter, Barbara, move back into her second year at Syracuse University.  Upstate New York is safety out of the direct aim of the hurricane but we had planned to drive south to New York City tomorrow to see oldest son, Davis, at West Point.  We don’t get that chance very often so I was really looking forward to enjoying 24 hours with him – nice dinner, great B&B and lots of laughs.  Just like lots of other people, I’m reluctant to change plans unless I really have to . . . it’s tempting just to deny that a storm is on it’s way.

First Step: Get More Information

It’s all over the news.  The TV and papers are all broadcasting that folks need to get out of the way of the torrential rains and winds – not drive straight into it.  So after that initial period of denial, I start problem solving (which all of us are quite good at) by gathering information about the storm’s path, cancellation policy at our B&B (which there is none) and updated status on airline flights out of the east coast.  Once I have that information, we can come up with a couple of backup plans.

Second Step:  Make Two Backup Plans & Enjoy the Change

Creating several backup plans requires thinking of options and alternatives.  Unfortunately, being downtown in NY City on Sunday will not be one of them.  Creating options helps us feel more in control since we have a plan and a backup plan.  And we’ve just got to acknowledge that national weather is simply out of our control but what we do with the situation is within our control.  So there will be some other good ideas which will probably be dinner with twin sister, Diane, back up in the Boston area tomorrow night.  I’ll let you know!  Racing to beat the rain for now . . .

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