Shredding the BackPacks in Greece

We started off with six backpacks!  Being super organizers, my twin sister, Diane and I had carefully planned out how to travel to Greece for a three week work assignment carrying various sized backpacks (including backpack purses).  We were ready for any contingency, any emergency and any task.

But we didn’t need them and we didn’t miss them.  We hadn’t even left home before we decided to leave the first two fancy North Face backpacks behind on the kitchen table.  And then the two backpack purses (special “expensive” anti-theft bags) were swiftly stowed in the duffel bags as soon as we got to Greece.  And we really didn’t need or want to carry two of the light weight Eddie Bauer backpacks because everything could easily fit in one.  So we just carried one between the two of us.  It was wonderfully simple.

And I had to laugh . . . on the last night in Athens we shred even that last backpack.  Cargo pants with pockets and a passport holder around the neck was everything we needed.  Of course, we had spent all our euros helping the Greek economy so the money envelope was pretty light!

Lighten Your Load

So what did I learn?  I don’t need all that stuff.  We don’t need all that stuff.  Be willing to shred the extra baggage and lighten your load.  And it actually clears your mind and gives you a feeling of space that feels really good.  So go on ahead and simplify your life load. Your back will thank you!


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