Zumba! At Least I’m There

Okay, somehow I got talked into taking a Zumba dance class by my college-age very athletic niece and daughter.  So I’m a reluctant participant although there are lots of people there including several young guys who weren’t doing much better than me.  But I’m willing to give it a try although I warned the girls to not laugh at me ’cause at least I’m there.

I actually work out all the time and have for years (longer than those girls have been alive!).  I do weights, machines and strength classes so I’m pretty good at following the leader.  But this class is a step up – there are no directions from the instructor just lots of moving, bumping and grinding.  It’s the ultimate “Simon Says” game with no “says”.  But the music is great and the crowd is enthusiastic

Doing Something Different

So as I’m bobbing and weaving to the music, I’m thinking that this is good – it’s good to stretch the comfort zone and try something different.  I prefer knowing what to do when but with a little practice I probably can get a few of these steps learned.  I remind myself that encouraging ourselves to stretch and grow is critical for handling the bigger changes in our lives. We need regular practice in adapting to what’s new and perhaps a bit uncomfortable.  Ouch, just stepped on my own toe.

We Don’t Have to Be Perfect

I don’t have to have this Zumba stuff down perfectly.  I’m there with my girls and that’s good enough.  And I’m a big believer in the old saying “Showing up is 80% of success”.  We don’t have to be perfect – and we can’t be even close to perfect when we try something different.  And that’s okay.  So when these girls are collapsing on the floor with laughter, I kindly remind them that “Yes, you too will be my age someday” and  “at least I’m here”!

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