Global Volunteers – Just One of Many Volunteer Opportunities!

Kit and Peru team

Kit and other Global Volunteers, Peru, 2015.

There are many great international humanitarian organizations. My favorite has been the Global Volunteers organization –– which has been serving underdeveloped communities around the world since 1984. They are now serving in 19 countries with varied projects including teaching English and doing light construction. More than 30 thousand volunteers have participated in one-, two- or three-week assignments, working in rotating teams under the guidance of experienced country hosts.

What makes this organization different is their professionalism and organization, which makes the volunteer experience as smooth as possible. But more importantly is their ongoing commitment to providing sustainable services (through rotating teams) that are specifically requested by the community. In addition, community representatives are always working alongside the volunteers, making these desired changes their own.

Global Volunteers is a long-standing NGO leader in special consultative status with the United Nation and in partnership with UNICEF and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

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