Consulting with Your Colleagues

As I was driving into my office this morning, I found myself appreciating my network of professional colleagues here in the Northern Nevada area.  They feed my soul; create synergy for new ideas, support me when life is in a whirlwind and challenge me to stretch and grow.  And I do the same for them.

Easy to Get Isolated

It’s easy to get isolated when you own your own business.  This is especially true when you are a sole proprietor and are in the human services field – coaching, training, consulting, counseling etc.  If you have your own office or are working from home it’s easy to not see or even talk to your colleagues for several days.  And interestingly, this isolation often increases the longer you are in business.  We can get complacent – taking relationships for granted. 

It Takes Work

It takes work . . . to reach out and connect regularly with your colleagues when times are both busy and when it’s a bit slower.  And it also takes a commitment of time, energy and money.

I have owned my own training & coaching business for over ten years and have a wonderful multi-disciplinary network in this Northern Nevada community.  I’ve worked hard to build these relationships and it’s often involved taking a leadership role in the organization.  Leadership is a great way to meet the “movers & shakers” and to become known.

For now, this is what is working for me. I am an active member in my two professional associations (ASTD training & NPCA coaching); belong to two business organizations (Chamber of Commerce & WIN) and one volunteer community organization (that feeds the passion).

I also try to bring colleagues together often – usually over coffee – to just talk and share ideas on how we can help each other succeed in our own professional businesses.   The exchange of wisdom, experience and expertise creates a wonderful synergy.   I always feel energized and inspired afterwards!

 Set Time Aside Each Week

So here’s an idea . . . set aside some time each week (yes, weekly!) to stay connected to your professional network.  Friday mornings are the best for me.  Pick up the telephone and call one or two colleagues. Find out what’s new with them and always be thinking how you could help them achieve what they are working on.

Let them hear your voice – and you hear them.  It’s good for your business and for you personally as well.  So now I’m off to meet a favorite colleague for a quick lunch.  What a great way to end the work week!

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