A Powerful Question to Ask Yourself

In all the years of being a professional coach, I’ve used numerous “powerful” questions to help clients discover and clarify their personal and professional strengths.  But there is one question that really captures it all.  And that is “When are you really at your best?”

I ask clients to think about that question – not to hurry – and to come back to our next session with three or four stories that capture a picture of themselves at their very best.  The stories will have a theme through them – a red thread – that tells us what comes together to bring out the best of themselves.  These are natural talents that are coming together and over time have often become career and life strengths.

People, Ideas or Things

Lake Tahoe at Its Best!

These themes fall into three interest areas: an interest in people; an interest in ideas or an interest in things.  For myself, I have always gravitated toward work with people in some capacity.  When I ask myself this powerful question, I always come back to involvement with people during significant life and career transitions.  That theme has always run through my years as a Masters level social worker; an adult, child & family psychotherapist; my community volunteer work, and now as a corporate trainer and a professional career/life coach.

Now It’s Your Turn to Ask







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