Leave the Laptop Home!

It’s that wild moment before I dash out the door with family in tow for a long-awaited family vacation.  We’re used to that last minute dash from our years of living in Norway and traveling all over for both work and fun.  But it’s always a bit crazy trying to remember if you packed the toothbrushes, extra shorts, grabbed up the money and remembered all the bits & pieces of work that needed to be tied up.  And this time . . . the laptop stays behind.

Giving Yourself Some Space

Sometimes I take the laptop and the technology with me on travel but more and more now I choose to leave it all behind.  From experience I know that as soon as I log-in my mind clicks back to a “to-do” list and I’m back in the work mind-set. 

But I need space to rewind . . . I love owning my own business and the joy I get from both coaching and training.  But when I give myself permission to take a break I know that I’ll come back refreshed and wonderfully energized for work.  So for now the laptop will sit here on the home desk getting a well-deserved break as well.  See you all in a week!

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