Lunch on Friday?

I usually have lunch with my Dad, age 93, on Fridays but since he is still working (corporate attorney) sometimes he can’t make it.  This week was one of those times . . . so I found myself thinking about whom I could call for a late lunch on a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon. 

Stretch & Call Someone New

It’s easy to call old friends but I reconsidered . . . how about calling someone who’s on that list “I really would like to get to know them better”.  So often, we meet someone professionally at a networking event and promise to get together but we never somehow get around to it.  This time, I knew I would be hungry after teaching an awesome tele-class and ready for a relaxing lunch and some great conversation.  So I called a colleague I hadn’t seen for ages –  and she was available and hungry too.  So off we went . . .

A New Connection – A Renewed Friendship  

Over a great lunch we shared work updates, talked about career trends, emerging opportunities here in Northern Nevada and several “hidden” resources that could benefit my career coaching clients.  As I drove back to the office I was glad I hadn’t eaten at my desk again but rather made the effort to connect professionally with someone I had lost track of but whom I always admired.  Try it yourself – next Friday for lunch!

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