Use Mind-Mapping to Jog Your Memory

After years of working and living, each of us is in numerous personal and professional networks – some that come to mind quickly and others we may have forgotten about. But how do we remember these connections?

Try using a mind map picture. It’s easy. Start with a blank piece of white paper. Draw a small circle in the middle—that’s you—and now draw several lines shooting off from the central circle. Put circles at the end of those lines. Name those circles for the networks that come easily to mind.

For example, I started with simple networks (often geographic areas) such as: Reno Work; Military Life; Norway; Virginia; San Diego; Kids’ School etc. Next, I chunked those larger networks down starting with my current work which I broke down to colleagues, favorite companies, professional development, etc.

Mind mapping is a way to jog your memory. I’m starting to remember all sorts of folks that I would enjoy reaching out to. With today’s technology—especially Facebook & LinkedIn— that’s not hard to do. I’m going to start with just a handful of favorite “old” friends and see where those lines take me. I’ll let you know what happens and please tell me how it is working for you as well.

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