Planes, Trains & New York Cabs

It’s an early, early Southwest morning flight from Reno, NV to the East Coast but it is one that I do many times a year now that daughter, Barbara and son, Davis, go to college out in New York and my twin sister, Diane, lives in Boston.

But I really should learn not to go in the middle of a hot, humid summer.  It’s always an “historic” heat wave exactly when I’m due to arrive.  And during the winter, it’s always the “worst storm in the century”.  But plans are plans.  So yes, I’ll be on those planes, trains and in lots of yellow cabs this July 4th holiday week.

I will be thinking of you all as I’m doing laps around Times Square searching for an air conditioned coffee shop or a cool, dark bar for a frosty beer. Can I sneak an underage daughter in?  You bet, if I’m desperate enough!  But I can tell you that I’ll be avoiding the subway system (despite daughter’s protests) because I always seem to get in the one that gets stuck underground.  Those yellow cabs are worth every penny in my humble, older and wiser opinion.

Power outrages?  Stuck in an elevator?  I better avoid those too. I’m a bit claustrophobic which I blame on my twin sister, Diane, who is 100x worse than me.  Now that’s not a pretty sight . . . two twins stuck on an elevator in downtown New York City during a heat wave.  I actually would feel sorry for anyone stuck with us.  First, we would chat them up until their eyes glazed over.  Since both of us are social workers and psychotherapists we can find lots to talk about in someone’s family history – whether they want to or not.

Then we would move on to solving the world’s problems which could keep us entertained for hours.  We could also try and learn how to work our fancy IPhones since we would have lots of uninterrupted time.  I don’t know if cell phones work in a NYC long, tall elevator or not.  But if they do, we could work our way down our contact lists just calling to say hello to all our old friends who are not stuck in an elevator.  By the time we’re done with all that, the NYC fire department would be a very welcome sight . . .  for both us and our fellow elevator hostages.

So off to pack up those bags for another East Coast adventure.  Have a wonderful festive July 4th holiday week.  Just don’t get on those subways or elevators – stick to the yellow cabs!




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