Feb Tip 2010: Build Strategic Alliances Now

Build Strategic Alliances Now!

No doubt about it. Building and nurturing a solid network of professional colleagues, friends and associates takes significant time, fresh energy and fine-tuned skills.

In Never Eat Alone, author Keith Ferrazzi takes a very unique and refreshing approach – it is one based on “generosity”. He teaches us how to “build a lifelong community of colleagues, contacts, friends and mentors” and maintains that in the long run this is real job security. Here’s how to begin building your community:

  • Identify 3 areas that you wish you could do more in with the services/work you provide
  • Ask around….”Who does do this kind of work?”
  • Invite them for coffee and see if there is a positive synergy between you. If so, ask “How can we help each other be more successful?”
  • Stay curious, open and willing to try something new
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