Feb 2010: Never Eat Alone

Never Eat Alone and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time, by Keith Ferrazzi. 2005.

Okay, this really is one of the best books I have read! Ferrazzi captures the essence of successful business practices by teaching us how to build and nurture long-term relationships.

He learned the incredible power of these relationships as a child growing up poor in a small steel mill town in southwest Pennsylvania.

As a golf caddy at the neighboring country club, Ferrazzi observed how successful people were always helping out their friends and colleagues. They looked out for each other, invested in each others’ ideas and helped each others’ kids go to the best colleges and get jobs.

Ferrazzi went on to Yale University, Harvard Business School and to be CEO of several successful corporations. He is a master at building life-long relationships and teaches us to do the same. It’s a great book to keep in the car to quickly review before you walk into that next networking event.

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