March Tip 2010: Declutter

Declutter Your Life One Piece at a Time

Simplify your daily life in three ways – your physical space, your relationships and your daily routine. In coaching terms this is called a “clean sweep” and it works!

De-cluttering creates a wonderful feeling of space and with it a renewed energy. But it can be overwhelming as you look around your house, office and your daily “must do” lists. So let’s keep it simple. Let’s stay with the rule of “one”. Just pick one in each of these areas to simplify in March.

  • One physical space (a closet; a drawer; the pantry; one room; top of your desk etc.)
  • One relationship that is an energy drainer
  • One daily routine that is no longer really effective

Start with de-cluttering a small physical space – it’s the easiest. Don’t be surprised if you get on a roll and find that as one area gets de-cluttered that you move into another and then another. You can either set a time limit or go by the project. Just make sure you set a clear ending time so that you have that wonderful satisfaction of having completed the job by the end of the day. Next day, move on to a relationship or a routine.

Keep it simple. Just do one at a time. It’s like pushing the reset button!

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